Hernö Juniper Cask Gin

Herno Gin 129x300 Hernö Juniper Cask GinWhether you hang out in hipster underground bars in Shoreditch or prefer the more refined environs of Mayfair, Gin has undoubtedly become the spirit of the moment.  So it’s both intriguing and exciting to see brands create new products to quench our unrelenting thirst for all things juniper.  Swedish artisan distillery Hernö looks have reached the limit on how much juniper they can squeeze into every bottle with the launch of Hernö Juniper Cask – the world’s first gin matured in Juniper wood casks.  It’s almost unbelievable that no one has thought of doing something so obvious before, particularly as a number of other gin distilleries use ex-bourbon or Cognac casks to age their gins.  Far from being juniper overkill, the result is an exquisite gin that packs a powerful yet rich and refined juniper punch; a subtle citrus peel finish cleanses the palette and will have you coming back for more!  A worthy addition to any gin lover’s collection.  £47 from www.masterofmalt.com