L’Etranger, SW7

letranger 211x300 L’Etranger, SW7London’s dining scene is more diverse and innovative than it has ever been before.  New upstarts with their increasingly quirky ideas seem to be opening on a daily basis, each promising to provide diners with a ground-breaking dining experience.    Head down to L’Etranger however, and you will find that one of London’s most innovative restaurants has been quietly wowing discerning diners with its unique Japanese influenced French cuisine since 2003.

Located on Gloucester Road in Kensington, L’Etranger is just slightly the wrong side of town for the hordes to create ridiculous waiting lists or for the restaurant to be subject to media overload.   Tastefully presented in minimalist décor of grey and lilacs, the restaurant provides an understated yet chic environment that is equally suited to a romantic dinner as it is to a larger party of diners.

The menu at L’Etranger has been created by Jerome Tauvron whose flawless pedigree includes some of the most prestigious restaurants around the world, including Pierre Gagnaire’s St Etienne in France and Alain Ducasse’s Le Louix XV in Monaco.  Jerome takes inspiration from his French heritage and his love of Asian cuisine to create dishes that combine the rich flavours of the former with the precision of the latter.

The result of Jerome’s unique cooking style is quite simply stunning.  A classic Tuna tataki is inspiringly topped with the lightest of foie gras shavings and comes with a side of truffle ponzu jelly to create one of London’s most decadent yet delicate dishes.  Similarly, Wagyu Beef Fillet is Grade 9 listed, which means some serious marbling, and meat that literally melts in the mouth; accompanied by a rich and creamy truffle mash, this is near enough heaven on a plate.  Desserts also impress, with Jerome doing absolute justice to his Gallic background with a classic Tarte Tatin that is surely without parallel in London.

So how much does this meal of culinary masterpieces cost?  Well, when you take into account that you are combining the two most expensive cuisines around with London’s most expensive postcode, the £100/head (including wine) you’ll probably require is expected.  Given that you will probably experience one of the best meals that London has to offer, you will find few better places to spend your hard-earned on.

Food: 5/5
Venue: 3/5
Value: 4/5

Cuisine type: French/Japanese Fusion
Dinner for two (excluding drinks): £130
Wine: £10
Cocktails: £12

36 Gloucester Rd
London SW7 4QT
Tel: 020 7584 1118