Bangalore Express, SE1 & EC3

bangalore express Bangalore Express, SE1 & EC3In a city of around 250 spoken languages and 6000 restaurants, it’s no surprise that Londoners have such a variety of cuisine to choose from.  From Indian and Italian to the Caribbean and South Africa, there’s a restaurant to suit every taste.  In the case of Bangalore Express, you can even have them all under one roof!


Masterminded by the creators of the award-winning The Painted Heron, Bangalore Express takes a more eclectic approach to its extensive menu by taking popular dishes from around the world and giving them an Indian twist; think Calzone Indian pizza, Masala burgers and Carribean curried goat.  The menu also contains an interesting range of starters and traditional curries too.  The Waterloo venue that we visited was equally quirky, with cool little booths above regular booths which can only be accessed with a ladder. 


We started with a dish of fresh Chilli paneer cheese on yoghurt cake with red onions.  Both items were well cooked and tasty individually, but just too rich and stodgy when combined.  Dosa (savoury rice pancake) filled with hot & sour mixed seafood was a reasonable attempt at a traditional Indian dish, although the intense seafood flavour far overpowered the subtle spices.  However, at £5 for something which would serve as a filling lunch, the price was spot on.  Caribbean curried goat was again a decent effort, although it lacked the serious punch one would have expected of the dish.  It was a similar story with the intriguingly named South African bunny chow.  Comprising a thick suet pudding-like bread shell filled with curried lamb, peas & sweetcorn, it was again tasted restrained in its lovely sweet and spicy flavours.


Food: 2.5/5

Venue: 3/5

Value: 3.5/5


Cuisine type: Indian

Dinner for two (excluding drinks): £38

Wine: £3.50


Bangalore Express


103-105 Waterloo Road




1 Corbet Court

Gracechurch Street

London EC3V 0AT

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