Del’Aziz, various locations

delaziz Del’Aziz, various locationsYou’re too old for the ‘let’s dress in ridiculous clothes and go out in Shoreditch’ scene, you don’t fit in with the young families in the ‘new & improved, ultra-sophisticated’ Clapham and you find Islington just too hectic.  So where do you go out now?  According to the publicity people, the new place for London’s hip brigade is Bermondsey Square. Our recent visit to Del’Aziz lead us to this new haven of fabricated cool.


Encompassing a restaurant, bar, boutique bakery and deli the glamorous space is a contemporary take on an a colourful Middle Eastern bazaar.  From sun-up to sundown, coffee to cocktails, mezze to merguez sausages and charcuterie to cous cous, Del’Aziz is a real treasure trove of traditional North African and Mediterranean foodie delights.  The locals have clearly taken well to it, seeing as it was pretty busy on the Monday night of my visit. 


Looking through the menu, all of the classic Middle Eastern/North African classics are to be found, including various Mezze, Grills and Tagines.  Somewhat curiously, there is also an extensive selection of burgers listed. 


The delicious starters included some really tasty Mechouia (roasted peppers with capers and parsley), juicy harissa marinated Prawn kebabs and Minced lamb & apricot filled boreck (filo pastry).  Not so great were the dense little fried patties which purported to be Falafels.  Before you say anything, yes we did have four starters, but the portions were pretty small, so it was just about right.  Mains were also enjoyable.  Dirty Perry went for the tasty Lamb tagine whilst I opted for the mini meat-fest of the Couscous Royal mixed grill; all perfectly cooked and plenty tasty enough for the start of the week.  I can also highly recommend their Spicy sautéed potatoes side dish if you want to give your taste buds a real wake-up call.


We weren’t really planning on desserts but we fell into the age old trap of “Would you like to choose your desserts from the desserts counter?”  Before we knew it, I was face first into warm Chocolate brownie whilst Dirty Perry devoured his way through his Plum tart.  The cocktails were pretty darn good too.  In particular, I would say it is near enough essential that everyone tries their Del’Aziz Grog.   Served in a very cool Moroccan teapot, the blend of orange, pineapple and mango juice, Caribbean rum, almonds & Angostura bitters was dangerously easy drinking, but with a solid of alcohol kick.


Food: 3.5/5

Venue: 3.5/5

Value: 3/5


Cuisine type:  Middle Eastern/North African

Dinner for two (excluding drinks): £50

Cocktails: £7

Wine: £4



11 Bermondsey Square



Tel: 020 7407 2991


And also various other locations across London: