This post could be the intent behind describing Suga’s supposed gf a years that are few.

This isn’t meant to harm Suga or their reputation or perhaps the “Girlfriend”. Please be aware that this might be a RUMOR rather than verified. From dating, this is not the case if you think this is about delusional ARMYs/Kpop fans trying to prevent them. This post is just for folks who are interested in this woman.

Only a few screenshots are mine & pictures aren’t mine. Prepare yourself to read through this mess.

Okay, this is certainly gonna be an extended one. At some point during 2014, somebody had reported that this girl was RM’s sister that is little Suga’s GF.

She passed “Brookelle Kim”, also referred to as “Miss Mizzy Kim”, as her name that is real is Kim/Kim Miji”. Her instagram usernames ranged from “xo. Xx”, “mj_kiss”, “1994m_j”, and hon. Ym” (and perchance more names).

Miji being RM’s sis does not make sense since she had implied she’s created in 1994, and RM’s sister that is real born in 1997, and evidently her title is Kim Gyeong Min. There clearly was additionally another woman who had been advertised by some fans she was not born in ‘97 due to her Instagram (which I can’t find + most likely private) that she was RM’s Sister, but from my memory. If Miji had been RM’s sister that is real I don’t think he’d let any user date her. Consequently, it’s plainly not the case that Miji is RM’s sis.

(RM’s second rumored cousin)

Author’s Note: We have no basic idea why/how this rumor got started and exactly how individuals instantly thought that she ended up being their cousin. Whom also leaked or discovered this photo?

Now the part where you’re all inquisitive for…

All of this started with pictures that ARMYs discovered also it appeared to mean that this guy that is random Suga. Miji ended up being notorious for publishing images along with her boyfriend’s complete or face that is partially covered.

(evidently this woman is Miji’s sis)

(Does among the fingers appear to be Suga’s hand? )

(evidently this really is Jungkook, photo taken around first? )

(The actual only real picture where their face is not covered with stickers. )

Anyways, those will be the infamous images that one may still find online if you search up this nonsense.

It’s a debatable subject on whether this individual is Suga or otherwise not, it has not merely been seen by international ARMYs, but ARMYs that is also korean. Most don’t believe that it is really Suga, however they have actually comparable faculties however they are differing people. Just exactly exactly What do you consider?

Not just Miji that has boasted a relationship on SNS, but her boyfriend possessed an incidents that are few. He had both an Instagram and Twitter. (Instagram continues to be up without any posts but Facebook is deleted. )

Really in the event that you deny that it is Suga and never another idol rapper, then that would be “Highrap Min”? The title is really apparent it is it sufficient to prove it is Suga…? Just How disappointing.

( in my opinion we took this screenshot in 2016, their title on their bio is “Swag Rapper Instagram. ” As you care able to see, once more their face is covered just Miji that is showing in photo. )

As of this true point i cannot deny that he’s suggested or is really Suga as a result of usernames and profile photos. Miji had additionally stated herself, that this woman is dating a rapper and he’s amazing or something like that across the lines of this.

Miji wasn’t actually key with this particular relationship she usually included Suga on some pictures to her ship name plus one time on the Instagram bio.

Standing for the “Yoon” in Yoongi and ? standing for “Mi” in Miji.

In a photo (that I don’t have actually unfortunately, but We swear it existed) she would put “Yoom” in Korean as another ship title. )

What I also find yet another thing interesting is the fact that it was a fake account made by a international fan using some random Korean girl as a front to fool ARMYs that she used English quite often which only made us think. If that’s the way it is then she/he would’ve been pretty enthusiastic about Suga or wanting to imagine they’re dating a BTS user. But about it, its difficult to get such attention since BTS weren’t EXTREMELY popular as they are now if you think. Exactly How did she recieve this type of big following?