Woodall’s British Charcuterie

Woodalls Charcuterie 300x211 Woodall’s British Charcuterie

There are few simpler pleasures in life than a selection of charcuterie and a glass of wine.  For most of us, the selection of cured meats tends to originate from either Spain or Italy, with choices such as Jamón ibérico and Lardo proving particularly popular at the moment.  For a more British approach to cured meats, take a look at Woodall’s.  The family business has been producing charcuterie that matches the best of our continental cousins for almost two centuries.  Most interestingly, instead of trying to replicate them, the Woodall’s range is inspired by British culinary heritage.  Highlights of the extensive range includes Air-Dried Royale Ham, pickled in a rich blend of Landlord Pale Ale, molasses, vinegar and brown sugar before being lightly smoked; and a rich, hearty Salami that’s based on a traditional Cumberland sausage recipe.  Look out for their range in Waitrose and good delis.  www.woodallscharcuterie.com