Laurenti Grande Cuvée Champagne

Laurenti Laurenti Grande Cuvée ChampagneShun the mainstream brands this year and enjoy an altogether more interesting bubbly experience by dipping into the world of ‘grower champagne’.  Essentially referring to smaller independent Champagne houses, these producers tend to be small independent producers who only use grapes produced on their estate.  These champagnes are produced with far more care and attention than the major brands, generally resulting in a far superior liquid for much less money.  Laurenti is a recently launched brand that is well worth seeking out.  Their champagnes contain less than 10 grams of sugar per litre and are exceptionally low in sulphates, leading to a much cleaner, crisper taste and less chance of a nasty headache in the morning.   With rich notes of apples and brioche and a refreshing finish, their entry level Grande Cuvée provides the perfect champagne to celebrate with.  £34.99 from