Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate

Hasslachers Hot Chocolate2 288x300 Hasslachers Hot ChocolateConsidering we’re currently in the throes of the apocalypse, it feels timely to include a drink to see us through the torrid weather (besides the fact that England has the ability to throw a chilly spell at us at any time of the year)!  Nothing gives you that warm cosy feeling like a good mug of hot chocolate and this stuff from Hasslacher’s is like central heating for the soul.  Unlike the powdered stuff that most of us use, Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate comes as either a solid bar or buttons of chocolate made from 100% cacao.  Just add your required amount of chocolate to some warm milk, give it a stir and voila!  Moreover, we often hear about the health benefits of chocolate and Hasslacher’s provides the real deal: loaded with anti-oxidants, the bars are completely cholesterol and sugar free too!    Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate is available imminently for around £5 from Tesco, Waitrose and online from www.hasslachers.co.uk