Cook Your Date Into Bed by Helen Graves

CookDateintoBed Cook Your Date Into Bed by Helen GravesIf you spend even a short amount of time with the object of your desire, there’s a good chance food will be involved. Whatever the reason for the two of you eating together, there’s no doubt a story that goes with it or a recipe to share, and that’s what Cook Your Date Into Bed does.  It looks at the relationship between hooking up and eating out, gives tasty recipes for dinners, snacks, breakfasts and cocktails you can make yourself, and also laughs at the ridiculousness of the whole process.  And if all else fails, check out Helen’s ‘Perfect Martini’ recipe containing a whopping 90ml of gin; a few of those and your date will undoubtedly fall into bed and probably have to stay there to recover for the next two days!  £10 from