The Great British Vegetable Cookbook by Sybil Kapoor

The Great British Vegetable The Great British Vegetable Cookbook by Sybil KapoorRemember vegetables?  You know, the green things your parents used to force down and you occasionally still eat to clear your conscience alongside a ginormous steak or a dustbin-lid sized pizza.  Anyway, if you want to add a little more green stuff in your diet beyond the lettuce leaf in your burger, then The Great British Vegetable Cookbook is a pretty good place to start.  The book has cleverly been compiled according to seasons so you can figure out the best way to cook up the freshest British ingredients.  Moreover, it’s not just for vegetarians, with some recipes designed to complement or even include a meat or fish component.  Expect everything from warming soups and summer salads to hearty meals and even the odd cake idea.  Available for around £16 from