Mince Pie Taste Test

We undertook a rigorous Mince Pie taste test to bring you the definitive guide to this season’s best mince pies.  From posh mince pies to chocolate brownie versions and even a surprise entrant costing just £1/pack, we’ve got a mince pie for all tastes and budgets!

The Best One – Duchy Originals Organic Mince Pies
Mince Pie Feature Mince Pie Taste Test
Pretty much unanimously voted the favourite amongst the testing team, not only were these delicious delights from Duchy Originals voted best in flavour and texture but they also come at a reasonable price.  The shortcrust pastry had the perfect thickness with a lovely buttery flavour and a satisfying crispness that ensured the pie held together after the first bite or when warmed.  The mincemeat filling was also a delight, with a good balance of sweet and sharp flavours from the plump vine fruits, apples, cranberries, candied orange, lemon peel, seasonal spices and brandy.  £4/pack for 6 from Waitrose. www.waitrose.com

Paul A Young Mince Pie 150x150 Mince Pie Taste TestThe Alternative One – Paul A Young Brownie Mince Pies
Mince pie purists will no doubt be horrified at the thought of this hybrid, but in the hands of award winning chocolatier Paul A Young, we reckon it’s a bit of a Christmas cracker.   The shortest of buttery sweet pastry is filled with a rich port and brandy mincemeat then baked with a thick topping of their ridonkulously rich gooey fudgy brownie.  £9.95 for 4 from Paul A Young shops.  www.paulayoung.co.uk

The Posh One – Partridges
Partridgesmincepies 300x210 Mince Pie Taste Test
Shops don’t get posher than Partridges so it’s great to know that their mince pies more than live up to their premium billing.  Made by the same artisan London bakery for over 40 years and personally tested every year by Partridges owner John Shepherd, you can taste the love and care in each one.  The generously sized mince pies feature the crumbliest and most buttery of pastries and come filled to the brim with a chunky filling.  Only personal preference prevented this mince pie taking top spot, with some of the panel commenting of a little too much citrus tang.  Priced at £12 for 13 mince pies.  Available in store.  www.partridges.co.uk

Iceland 6 Deep Fill Mince Pies 1 300x210 Mince Pie Taste Test

The Budget One – Iceland Deep Fill Mince Pies
Let’s not pretend that these are going to blow your tastebuds away, because they’re not.  However, they received a nod of approval from all 6 testers and once we took into account their £1 price tag, it’s pretty hard to deny that if you’re on a budget, these will more than do the trick on Christmas day. Expect a decent shortcrust pastry filled with not-too-sweet mincemeat, topped with a pastry lid that’s been dusted with a light sprinkling of sugar.  £1/pack of 6 from Iceland.  www.iceland.co.uk

The Mini Ones – M&S Mini Mincepie Assortment
MS All Butter Mini Mince Pies £5 300x198 Mince Pie Taste Test
We live by the theory that if you can eat it in one bite then the calories don’t count, so these miniature lovelies are a god-send.  Each box contains a trio of traditional, brandy buttercream and chocolate brownie mixed mince pies and are all too easy to eat. Whilst individually they wouldn’t win any awards, they are all of a high standard and make up a fun combination box.  £5/pack of 12.  www.marksandspencer.com