Christmas Food Ideas

rhug free range organic bronz 247 Christmas Food IdeasRhug Estate Organic Dee Valley Bronzed Turkey
Having recently been crowned Farmer of the Year at the Farmer’s Weekly awards, it’s fair to say that Lord Newborough, owner of Rhug Estate farm, takes his turkey pretty seriously.  Their Organic Dee Bronzed Turkey is known for being one of the finest around; in particular this is due to their extra-long maturation process of around 20 -25 weeks, giving them enough time to put the fat under their skin to produce the rich taste and tender meat.  Moreover the turkeys are fed on organic wheat and peas to provide a sweater and more flavoursome meat and finished on a special turkey fattener so they’re plumper and juicier.  They say happy birds are tasty birds so it’s no surprise that these turkeys are so delicious!

Our cooking tip:
Cook the turkey upside down.  No we haven’t lost our heads and this is a technique that we’ve seen a growing trend for over the last couple of years.  The theory is that the bird remains in a constant state of basting as the breasts – the area that’s most notorious for drying out – remain immersed in the juices, thus leaving you with a wonderfully moist bird.  If you like a nice crisp and golden crown, just flip the bird back the right way round and lay on rashers of streaky bacon for the last 30 minutes of cooking before finishing it off with 5 minutes under a hot grill.

3 bird roast Christmas Food IdeasThree-Bird Roast from The Wild Meat Company
So you’ve decided to make a change from Turkey this year, but can’t decide what to serve.  With this three-bird roast, you can pretty much cover all options.  Made by boning out free-range farmed duck, wild pheasant and wild pigeon and combining them in layers with stuffing between each layer, this Frankenstein’s Monster version of a Christmas roast is bound to create a talking point at the dinner table as much for its delicious gamey flavour as its unique appearance.  At £60 for the handmade melange, it costs about the same as a similarly sized turkey too.

Joe & Seph’s 5 Piece Taste of Christmas Popcorn Selection
joseph popcorn1 Christmas Food IdeasWhether it’s Home Alone, The Grinch or The Santa Claus, watching the same old movies over Christmas is as inevitable as a your dad falling into a food-induced coma within 10 minutes of his lunch.  Even if you’ve just devoured a Man vs Food sized lunch, you’ll still be searching for a cheeky snack to accompany your dodgy movie and that’s where Joe & Seph’s Christmas Popcorn Selection comes in.  Featuring five packs of delicious handmade festive flavours including Mince Pie, Brandy Butter and Mint Chocolate they’re sure to keep you perky during your movie – even if it is the fifth Christmas in a row that you’ve seen it!  £16.50 from’s-5-Piece-Taste-of-Christmas-Popcorn-Selection.product.802421.html

Xmas Pudding Flavour Drops
Christmas comes but once a year and we love to make the most of the seasonal flavours.  Take mince pies for example.  As soon the calendar hits 1 December, a day won’t go by without a mince pie being scoffed.  On this basis, these Christmas Pudding Flavour Drops are greatest invention ever cos they let us make literally EVERYTHING taste of Christmas pudding.  Whether it’s giving your coffee a seasonal twist, adding some to a cake mixture or going a bit bonkers to add the rich spicy flavour of Christmas Pudding to your cornflakes, a couple of drops of this bad boy will do the trick!  £5.95 from

Cocoa Runners Chocolate Box
Cocoa Runners Christmas Food IdeasMake a break with tradition and avoid the huge tins of Quality Street this year – you might feel good while your gorging on the non-descript confectionery but the filthy guilt afterwards just isn’t worth it!  Instead, order yourself the real thing from the chocolate obsessed folk at Cocoa Runners.  Launched as the ultimate ‘chocolate club’, the Runners deliver a selection of artisan chocolate bars to your door each month.  Arriving beautifully packaged in a box designed to fit through the letter box, the bars come complete with tasting notes, offering subscribers insight into the differences between each bar, as well as information on each producer.  What’s more, they’re rating system will also ‘learn’ your preferred styles over time and send you chocolate best suited to your palette.   £15/month (no minimum period).

Seasonal Ice-Cream from Black Vanilla
Black Vanilla Ice Cream Christmas Food Ideas
The recent surge in openings of gelato and frozen yogurt joints clearly shows that us Londoners are no longer bothered about a bit of frost or snow when it comes to enjoying our favourite frozen treats.  Ensuring that their ice-cream is even more appealing during the festive period is award-winning gelato chain, Black Vanilla, who has created a five-strong range of unique and somewhat bizarre seasonal ice-creams.  Flavours range from the tempting, including Mince Pie and Mulled Wine, to the downright weird with the Cranberry with Turkey Ripple!  Available at Black Vanilla stores in Greenwich and Blackheath.

Aldi Xmas Pud 300x236 Christmas Food IdeasAldi Christmas Puddings
Christmas has come early for Aldi and our wallets, as two of its Christmas puddings topped taste tests in Good Housekeeping magazine’s annual Christmas trial of festive foods. Aldi’s Connoisseur Christmas Pudding, priced at just £3.89, came first in the Christmas Pudding category, and the Aldi Specially Selected Luxury Champagne Pudding, priced at £9.99, was the runner up, beating puddings from the most prestigious producers in the land along the way!

Patchwork Pâté Christmas Hampers
Patchwork Christmas 300x232 Christmas Food IdeasYou’ve got your meats and treats sorted but make sure you don’t forget your nibbles.  The Christmas hampers from Patchwork Pâté provide a delicious way of keeping the appetite ticking over before the main event.  A little more interesting than your standard supermarket flavours, the meaty delights included in their selection include Italian and Mediterranean Recipe pâté alongside jars of Chutneys with Ale and Spelt Oat Fingers.  If these don’t keep the hungry hoards at bay then nothing will!  Hampers start at £11.50 from