Toussaint Coffee Liqueur

Toussaint 160x300 Toussaint Coffee LiqueurWith party season approaching, there are few better cocktails than an Espresso Martini to give yourself a boost when the old stamina starts to wane.  Of course, if it’s something altogether more indulgent that you crave – perhaps whilst sitting by a toasty fire – then a creamy White Russian is probably your drink.  Either way, it’s the coffee liqueur that takes centre stage in these classics and we’re loving the latest incarnation of Toussaint.  Made in Haiti with Arabica coffee beans and three year old Caribbean rum, the recipe has recently been tweaked to give a much deeper and rounded espresso flavour and a dryer taste profile, particularly compared to some overly sweet/ bitter competitors.  Keep a bottle in the drinks cabinet and we guarantee it won’t last past December!  £20 from Selfridges and good spirits retailers.