Ruby Blue Bottle Aged Liqueurs

Ruby Blue 256x300 Ruby Blue Bottle Aged LiqueursContaining actual whole berries, the Ruby Blue range has been created by the boutique Hughes Craft Distillery from Northern Ireland, who came up with the idea when they found an old Irish recipe based on an ancient method of preserving berries.  The liqueur is produced by ageing real fruit in a smooth neutral grain spirit for around three months.  The result is an ultra-smooth liqueur bursting with natural fruit flavour and just enough alcohol bite to let you know that you’re drinking something for grown-ups.  The range comprises of Wild Blueberry, Blackcurrant, Cranberry and a Chilli Pepper liqueur.  Delicious served neat on the rocks, they will also provide endless fun for those wanting to experiment with cocktails.  £15 from good spirits specialists.