101 Sandwiches by Helen Graves

101 Sandwiches 101 Sandwiches by Helen GravesReferring to the carbolicious creations in this book as mere ‘sandwiches’ is like comparing the work of Banksy to that of your local hoodie.  Author Helen Graves is a London-dwelling sandwich fanatic who has made it her personal mission to find the best ‘sandwiches’ around – just follow her on twitter (@foodstories) and you’ll quickly understand how seriously she takes her self-appointed role as the bastion of all things bread.  The recipes in 101 Sandwiches are less about dull lunchbox snacks and more about seriously flavoursome and hearty meals that are just as suited to a post-hangover brunch as they are for an inspired dinner.  Buy the book and you’ll enter the wonderful world of Caramel pork bánh mì baguettes from Vietnam, Shrimp po’ boys from Louisiana, Japanese fried noodle sandwiches and a whole lot more.  RRP of £12.99.  http://helengraves.co.uk/my-book