Stoli Chocolat Kokonut

stoli choc kokonut 147x300 Stoli Chocolat KokonutThe latest in Stoli’s ‘Sweet Indulgent’ flavoured vodka range has proven to be another belter.  Not dissimilar to a boozy version of a Bounty Dark Chocolate bar (do they still make them??), Stoli Chocolat Kokonut blends bold coconut and rich cocoa aromas with hints of vanilla and roasted hazelnut.  Serve it straight from the freezer and you’ll experience clean distinct flavours of chocolate and coconut, with a slightly creamy texture (despite it being a clear liquid) and a silky smooth finish.  Use it for a tropical twist on an espresso martini, with raspberries and lime for a quirky long drink or even shake it up with a cream liqueur for great dessert style cocktail.  Around £20 from good spirits stockists.