Belvedere Pink Grapefruit

Belvedere Pink Grapefruit 98x300 Belvedere Pink GrapefruitHaving established itself as one of the most recognisable and respected vodka brands around, Belvedere has spent the last few years developing a range of flavoured variants that continue its reputation as purveyors of great taste.  The range includes everything from Citrus to Bloody Mary, but taking its place amongst our favourite flavoured vodkas is the Belvedere Pink Grapefruit.  Always playing second fiddle to other citrus fruit such as oranges and lemons, grapefruit is seriously underused in the cocktail world.  However, Belvedere has more than done the fruit justice.  By macerating only fresh grapefruit and peels with their renowned Polish vodka, the flavour provides an initial sweetness followed by a touch of refreshing sharpness and an ultimately smooth experience; a single sip will have any spirits enthusiast reaching for the bottle next time they require a citrus element to their cocktail.  Try it in a host of classic drinks – including Cosmopolitans and even with tonic – for a delicious twist on familiar flavours.  Available from good spirits retailers for around £35.