Baileys Chocolat Luxe

Baileys Choc Luxe Baileys Chocolat LuxeImagine a job where all you’re paid to do is essentially eat chocolate and drink whisky.  Well that’s pretty much what Anthony Wilson’s job has been at Bailey’s over the last few years.  After personally tasting over 200 varieties of the world’s finest chocolate and 839 failed attempts at creating the ultimate boozy molten chocolate drinking experience, Wilson’s obsession has finally come to life in the shape of Baileys Chocolat Luxe.  This year’s must-have cream liqueur combines luxury ingredients, including Madagascan Vanilla, smooth Irish whiskey and over 30g of real Belgian chocolate per bottle to create a velvety, smooth and lusciously decadent taste.  Serve it on the rocks or shake it up with a touch of vodka, rum or whisky for the ultimate Chocolate Martini.  £16.99 from Harvey Nichols.