Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon

Wild Turkey 81 Bottle 95x300 Wild Turkey 81 BourbonLaunched in the UK in early 2012, Wild Turkey 81 has been something of a well-kept secret among bartenders. Having recently been awarded a ‘Gold – Best in Class’ award at the International Spirits Challenge, the bourbon will no doubt be hoping to win the hearts of spirits fans everywhere. Like the rest of the Wild Turkey family, 81 is lovingly crafted in original Bourbon country – Kentucky, USA. Comprising of whiskies of up to eight years old, the use of the famous Wild Turkey high-rye mash ensures that Wild Turkey 81 delivers a spicy kick, whilst the deep char used on the barrels delivers a rich and complex flavour. The experience is full and deep with some sweet notes beautifully balanced by ripe fruit and a touch of spice. At 40.5% ABV, it is ideal in classic cocktails (Juleps and Old Fashioneds are great) or even over the rocks. Available from spirits specialists for around £23.http://wildturkeybourbon.com