Tequila Don Julio 1942

DonJulio 1942 Tequila Don Julio 1942Tequila Don Julio 1942 is one of the most coveted tequilas in the world, and Don Julio has finally introduced this ultra-premium expression into the UK. 1942 commemorates the year that late founder Don Julio Gonzalez began his tequila-making journey in the Los Altos region in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Using prime blue agave, Don Julio González created this unique batch of tequila aged for at least two and a half years in American white oak barrels. Adding to its exclusivity, 1942 in a specific small-batch still that produces only three barrels per cycle. The result is a silky, smooth character that coats the palate with roasted agave flavours, vanilla and spiced undertones to create a truly special tequila experience that will appeal to any aficionado of fine spirits. Available from Selfridges for £160. www.donjulio.com/dj1942.aspx