Cointreau (and the Fizz Garden)

Cointreau Fizz Garden 300x198 Cointreau (and the Fizz Garden)One of the world’s original orange liqueurs, Cointreau has provided the backbone and indeed the inspiration for innumerable all-time classic cocktails.  Indeed, the Sidecar, Margarita and Cosmopolitan all call for a healthy splash of Cointreau.  In recent times, it has often been substituted with generic orange liqueur (ie. brands of Triple Sec or orange curaçao) and not dissimilar to replacing Mo Farah’s bowl of pasta with a dirty burger before a run, the result is likely to be disappointing.   Still produced to a recipe that dates back 150 years, the ingredients and fastidious attention to detail in the production process are second to none.  A combination of bitter and sweet orange peels are macerated and distilled in copper stills to extract the essential oils, resulting in a beautifully aromatic and balanced liqueur.  If all this sounds like hyperbole then take the taste test yourself – we did and it’s the only reason we’ve written this article!

Cointreau Fizz Garden1 300x198 Cointreau (and the Fizz Garden)The Cointreau Fizz Garden
This Spring, Cointreau opened the doors of a disused bank in the centre of Brussels to reveal the Cointreau Fizz Garden, an elegant indoor garden filled with flowers and cocktails. The Garden, which was cultivated by internationally renowned floral designer Thierry Boutemy, was created to showcase Cointreau’s newest cocktail – the Cointreau Fizz – to cocktail lovers across Europe. Love Food Love Drink joined Cointreau to discover the new serve at the Cointreau Fizz Garden in March and while we were there, Alfred Cointreau also shared the story of the brand’s heritage and some (but not all) of its secrets. We also joined a tasting with master distiller Bernadette Langlais who explained the balancing act of sweet and bitter orange peels that gives Cointreau its distinctive taste. Sadly, the Cointreau Fizz Garden in Brussels is now closed, but rumours are circulating of an English version to arrive in London this Summer so watch this space…

Cointreau Fizz Cocktail
Cointreau Fizz 300x261 Cointreau (and the Fizz Garden)Although widely used, Cointreau has suffered a case of ‘always the bridesmaid, never the bride’ in cocktails by playing second fiddle to a base spirit such as Cognac or Vodka.  Now the liqueur has a chance for its day in the sun with the deliciously refreshing and versatile Cointreau Fizz.

Just squeeze ½ lime into an ice filled glass, add 50ml Cointreau and top off with soda.  From here, the world is your oyster as you can then add a variety of garnishes to tailor the flavour to your occasion, including a summery strawberries & mint version and a zingy passion fruit & pepper cocktail.  For more inspiration, check out