The Bitter Truth Thomas Henry ‘Tonic’ Bitters

Bitter Truth Tonic Bitters The Bitter Truth Thomas Henry ‘Tonic’ BittersFor any self-respecting gin fans, there are only really two drinks that truly whet the appetite – an ice cold G&T and a bone dry Martini – and choosing between them is akin to choosing between your favourite (former) JLS member.  Now, with the launch of these Tonic Bitters, gin fans can have the best of both worlds.   Containing Sicilian lemon, orange and grapefruit, they combine zesty flavours against a background of juniper, coriander and maze to create a fresh citrusy spiced aromatic nose. Add a few drops to your classic martini and you’ve instantly got an exciting yet familiar new drink.  Moreover, the fresh grassy tones also work beautifully as an extra aromatic component when added to a classic G&T.  An absolute essential for gin fans!  £14.84 from