Element 29 Vodka

Element 29 Vodka Element 29 VodkaThe origins of Vodka are undeniably linked to Eastern Europe and countries like Poland and Russia still lead the way in terms of volume sold.  However, it’s arguably the burgeoning English craft vodka distillery movement that has made the biggest impression on an industry that has increasingly lost its way as a serious spirit for connoisseurs.  The latest to join home-grown movement is Element 29, whose biggest claim is to being the world’s most environmentally friendly spirit.   Essentially, you buy a bottle and take it to Selfridges every time it’s finished for a refill, thus reducing on packaging used.  A bit gimmicky, we agree (beside the fact that you’re journey will probably make up on the carbon footprint saved), but at least it is produced in England from English winter wheat.  More importantly, the liquid itself is top drawer.  Distilled seven times until the grain spirit reaches purity, the vodka goes through a final distillation in a copper pot still (with copper being the 29th element in the periodic table).  The result is smooth spirit with delicate peppery notes and a distinctively strong sugary sweet finish.   £31.99 for the first bottle, then £22.99 for refills from Selfridges. www.element29vodka.com