STK @ ME Hotel STK, WC2

With a reputation as one of America’s most fashionable restaurant chains, STK has come to London with its glitzy and glamorous steak restaurant and bar concept.  Most intriguing however, is that the offering has been designed to specifically appeal to the fairer sex.  We weren’t actually aware that London’s existing steak restaurants proved to be a challenging proposition to the ladies of the city, so a visit to STK proved most interesting.

A large central bar receives guests as they enter, offering a menu that definitely takes a lighter and fruitier approach to cocktails – if you’re into classics, turn away now!  Visually, the restaurant has more bling Swarovski.  Moreover the dramatic design is like something from 2001: A Space Odyssey (it’s a classic movie kids!), with minimalist décor, futuristic looking tables and chairs and a clean palette of black gloss and cream used throughout.  Theatrical lights illuminate each table and smoky mirrors allow patrons to catch a glimpse of the surroundings. The high-tempo vibe is completed by a DJ pumping out an eclectic mix of pop ‘choons’ through a sound system that would have Jay Z bouncing.

In terms of the menu, a comprehensive range of USDA and British steaks are available, with the ‘female’ angle being that they are available in smaller sizes; patronizing or thoughtful – you decide.  We can say though that the fillet and rib eye we tried were enjoyable enough, although London’s more established steak specialists won’t be losing too much sleep.  Moreover, with prices at STK a healthy notch above these places, the unique offering is going to have to prove a compelling reason to visit.

Starters include the popular Lil’BRGs (wagyu beef sliders) and Prawn Rice Krispies in a shellfish bisque, whilst alternatives to the steaks include eight-hour Roast Pork Shoulder with bourbon peaches and Seaweed Salted Roast Sea Bass with baby fennel.  In keeping with the showy nature of the restaurant, desserts take an appropriately theatrical approach, including ‘A Taste of the Fairground’, featuring doughnuts, chocolate peanut popcorn, toffee apples and marshmallow kebabs on a mini Ferris wheel.

Food: 3.5/5
Venue: 3/5
Value: 2/5

Cuisine type: Steakhouse
Dinner for two (excluding drinks): £130
Cocktails: £11
Wine: £8


STK @ ME London
336 – 337
The Strand London
020 7395 3450

minilink STK, WC2