G’Vine Gin

GVine GVine GinAs the world continues its love affair with gin, it’s no surprise that a new brand seemingly seems to be popping up every week.  However, whilst most of these brands focus on their unique blend of botanicals, G’Vine has taken inspiration from its French heritage to create the first gin made from grape spirit.  Made in the Cognac region, G’Vine also champions the vine flower as its lead botanical.  The result is a floral spirit with a softer juniper influence than traditional gins, creating an experience that is almost akin to a full bodied flavoured vodka.   Available in the delicate Floraison or punchy and more herbaceous Nouaison varieties, G’Vine is certainly worth having on the shelf for its unique yet appealing character.  Currently available from Harrods on special offer of £31.95 (instead of £37.95).  www.harrods.com  and www.g-vine.com




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