Patrón XO Café

Patron XO Cafe. Patrón XO Café Having made its way into the affections of P Diddly, 50 Pence and many another gangsta rapper, the original Patrón Silver can lay claim to being one of the first premium tequilas to gain mainstream popularity.  With XO Café, Patron has taken its mass appeal to another level by taking tequila – a spirit that is still an acquired taste – and blending it Arabica coffee beans to produce a dark, rich spirit, with the irresistible aroma and taste of fresh coffee balanced with sweet vanilla notes.  Distilled to a solid 35% Abv, Patrón XO Café is ideal in cocktails such as Espresso martini’s, but really comes into its own as a dangerously delicious shot!  Around £25 from Waitrose and discerning spirits