Ron de Jeremy

Ron de Jeremy Ron de Jeremy At the ripe old age of 59, legend of the … ahem… gentleman’s movie industry, Ron Jeremy has decided put his name to something that his mother can be a little more proud of with the launch of his own rum.  Look beyond the risqué marketing blurb however, and what you have is actually a very good rum.  Ron has partnered with another legend, albeit from the rum world, 72-year old Cuban Master Distiller Francisco ‘Don Pancho’ Fernandez, to create a dark rum with its roots in Panama.  Aged for 7-years, Ron de Jeremy displays excellent balance in delivering classic rum characteristics, including oak, ripe fruit and delicate spices.  Ron would probably prefer you to drink it ‘naked’ (rubbish pun, I know!) but the rum also stands up to mixing in classic cocktails.  Available for around £29 from