Tequila Chamucos

Tequila Chamucos 242x300 Tequila Chamucos Already the proud owner of Crazy Homies, the renowned Mexican restaurant and home to the Chamucos Tequila lounge, successful Restaurateur Tom Conran has continued to indulge his passion for all things Mexican with the launch of Tequila Chamucos.  Combining the finest quality Tequila with the truly unique design that the Conran dynasty are renowned for, Chamucos looks set to become the cult spirit of choice.  Distilled in the alpine forests of Mazamitla in Jalisco using only 100% weber blue Agave, the production process also somewhat bizarrely includes classical music being played during the double distillation process.  Available in Blanco and aged Reposado and Anejo variants, starting at around £45 from good drinks retailers.  www.chamucos-tomconran.com