Pusser’s Blue Label Navy Rum

Pussers Rum Pussers Blue Label Navy Rum  If your drinks decision is currently torn by the staunch feeling of patriotism following the Olympics and the sense tropical euphoria from the recent heatwave, Pusser’s Navy Rum is just the thing to tick both boxes.  For more than 300 years, the sailors of Great Britain’s Royal Navy were issued a daily ration of Pusser’s Rum. This tradition, one of the longest and unbroken in the history of the sea, carried forward from the year 1655 to July 31st, 1970 when it was stopped.  Fortunately their loss was our gain as Pusser’s finally became available to the public for the first time in 1979. Still traditionally distilled in the original admiralty wooden pot stills, Pusser’s provides a full-bodied yet mellow experience despite its heady 54.5% abv.  Around £29 from good spirits retailers such aswww.thewhiskyexchange.com