Ocho Curado Tequila

Ocho Curado Tequila 85x300 Ocho Curado TequilaFollowing a Eureka! moment by world renowned tequila expert Tom Estes, renowned Tequila producer Ocho has collaborated with him to launch a new style of tequila that has completely revolutionised the traditional Mexican spirit. Essentially, Ocho takes its unaged and already highly regarded Blanco tequila and infuses it with pieces of the pure cooked agave that the tequila is made from in the first place. The agave pieces are then filtered out, resulting in a lightly golden spirit with a deliciously rich, smoky and sweet nose; this also extends into the incredibly smooth taste that manages to provide far more character and body than a traditional tequila, even when compared to aged ‘reposados’ styles. We can’t imagine any drinks enthusiast not enjoying it, so it represents excellent value at around Ocho Curado Tequila is available £20 from drinks specialists such as www.thewhiskyexchange.com