el Jimador Tequila

el Jimador Reposado 700ml E 101x300 el Jimador Tequilael Jimador, the number one selling tequila in Mexico, has recently launched in the UK with the hope of transforming our opinions of tequila. As you’d expect, el Jimador is a ‘real’ tequila, meaning it’s made from 100% agave, with no other sugars added to it, giving a taste that’s far smoother, tastier and balanced than the cheap and nasty ‘mixto’ tequila that most of us are used to. Available in Blanco (unaged), Reposado (aged 2 months) and Anejo (aged 12 months), it’s the Reposado that represents the pick of the bunch; priced at around £17 from Waitrose, it’s an extremely approachable and delicate drink with a golden hue and balanced cooked agave flavour that gains notes of vanilla and caramel from two months of ageing in white oak casks. www.eljimador.com