Gabriel Boudier Liqueurs

Gabriel Boudier Liqueurs Gabriel Boudier Liqueurs  Whilst the liqueurs generally used for cocktails are the mainstay of any budding bartender’s collection, we’ve never understood why the bottles have to be so ugly.  Just look at a bottle of Bols or De Kuyper to see what we mean.  Fortunately, the people at Gabriel Boudier have bucked the trend with their new range of liqueurs that add a touch of inspiration to any bar.  With over a 100 years of experience of making similar products using natural fruits, sugar and quality spirit, they taste just as good as they look, with a great burst of natural flavour in each sip.  Available in a full range of flavours required for a decent bar, including Crème de Peche and Crème de Casis, they are great for simple everyday cocktails too.  Widely available for around £