Newsletter 15 February 2012

London Safaris, World’s Most Expensive Drink Collection, Pancake Challenges, Insane Chill Sauces plus the latest openings and foodie news…

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Innerplace London Safaris, 16 & 23 Feb and 1 March

Lifestyle concierge service, Innerplace, is giving non-members an opportunity to taste the finer things in London life with the launch of their Safaris around the city.  Things kick off this week (16 Feb) with a Canape Safari, taking in nibbles at venues such as Suka @ The Sanderson and Asia de Cuba; guests on the 23rd February Safari will enjoy a tour of London’s finest galleries, including Alison Jacques Gallery; and the series concludes with an exclusive cocktail masterclass at The Playboy Club on 1 March.  Events are free to attend.  Email to reserve your place.

1337 Newsletter 15 February 2012
World’s Largest Collection of Vintage Liquors on Sale for $8m

For the drinks voyeurs amongst you, this is essential viewing.  Bay van der Bunt from Holland has claimed the title of owning the “world’s largest collection of old liquors” – despite the fact that he doesn’t drink!  The historic collection holds over 5,000 bottled liquors including 250 years old cognac, whisky, armagnac, port, madeira and rare liqueurs.   Having spent a lifetime collecting them, 63 year old Bay has decided to sell-up as he has no one to pass the drinks onto.  Take a peek (and maybe a cheeky purchase!) at the amazing collection by visiting

1338 Newsletter 15 February 2012The Great Spitalfields Pancake Race, 21 February  

Frying pans at the ready…  The annual madcap pancake event is once again upon us, with teams of weird and wonderfully dressed entrants running through Spitalfields whilst tossing a pancake in aid of charity!  It’s great fun to watch and there is still time to enter a team too.  More info at

Pancake Challenge @ The Breakfast Club, venues across London

Truly taking in the spirit Shrove Tuesday by encouraging total gluttony before the sacrifices of Lent, visitors to The Breakfast Club will be faced with a most tempting of challenges – eat 12 pancakes in 20 minutes and you don’t pay a penny.  With a massive range of flavours like Bacon & Maple Syrup, Banana, Nutella & Ice-Cream, and Chorizo, Feta & Egg, it doesn’t sound too difficult to us!


New Openings…


Mele e Pere, W1

1339 Newsletter 15 February 2012With five years of working with Anthony Demetre at renowned trio, Arbutus, Wild Honey and Les Deux Salons, Andrea Mantovani has set-up on his own to launch Mele e Pere.  The Soho based restaurant has been designed in the style of an Italian trattoria with antique hand-painted tiles, a mix of vintage tables and chairs, and various hand-picked treasures from Italy.  Typical dishes on the menu include Snails with pecorino, parsley and guanciale; Tagliatelle with beef cheek ragù; and Charcoal-grilled shoulder of lamb with stuffed artichokes.  Vermouth is featured heavily on the drinks list with an impressive display of both homemade and classic brand vermouths, and a large selection of vermouth-based cocktails.

Karpo, NW1

Ambitiously named after the Greek goddess of fruits of the earth, Karpo is a new urban all-day dining venture that hopes to provide diners with fresh, diverse, and creative fare.  Launched by American-born chef Daniel Taylor, his previous experience at some of London’s top all-day dining venues including Le Café Anglais and The Blueprint Café, should bode well for Karpo.  The varied menu is made up of a sharing and snack style plates as well as larger main meals. Dishes include Salt goose with pickled mirabelles, Cuttlefish stew, Shrimp & grits and a section dedicated to the wood-fired grill.  The interior keeps things interesting too, with specially commissioned urban art by a number of renowned grafitti artists and three ‘living walls’ covered in herbs and plants.

HIX Belgravia, SW1

1340 Newsletter 15 February 2012The latest instalment of the impressive Hix empire is an 80-seat restaurant at the uber-stylish Belgrave’s Hotel.  The menu features all of the hallmarks of Mark Hix’s approach to dining, including passionately sourced ingredients with great provence, prepared and cooked simply.  In a change from the norm, however, rather than his signature British style, the menu is a collection of Mark’s favourite dishes inspired by his travels from around the world.  The venue also houses ‘Mark’s Bar’, which will pay homage to his famous Soho bar as well as boasting a stylish cigar garden with commissioned artwork by British artist Mat Collishaw.


Try This Week…


Diffordsguide Cocktails #9 App

1341 Newsletter 15 February 2012Drinks guru, Simon Difford, has recently released the 9th edition of his renowned cocktail guide.  Most significantly, this edition can also be purchased as an app for your iPhone or iPad.  This means access to the widest collection of recipes of any cocktail app, with 2,800 available at a touch of button, all illustrated with full colour photography.  It has clearly been well thought out, with great features such as the user being able to mark the drinks they actually have in their collection to see the cocktails you can make with your ingredients you have.  It also has a filter for different styles of cocktails, including Creamy, Blended, Hot, etc and a simple guide on the basic skills required to make quality cocktails.  £4.99 from

Hot Headz Chilli Sauces

1342 Newsletter 15 February 2012In the words of Clint Eastwood, “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well do ya, punk?”.  The culinary version of Russian roulette, you most literally will be playing with fire if you dare to sample some of the frighteningly hot sauces stocked by Hot Headz.  Novices can start-off with the pleasantly tasty Tapatio Hot Sauce (made from cayenne peppers) or Brother Bru-Bru’s Mild African Pepper Sauce.  However, that would be like choosing a water pistol when you could play with a bazooka.  For those brave enough, there is the ominously named Magnum 357, rated at 357,000 Scolville units (the universal measurement for spiciness). To put this into perspective, Tabasco sauce is rated at a mere 2500 Scolville units.  Finally, for the insane (or plain stupid), Mad Dog’s Revenge (made from habanero & chilli extract) weighs in at a faintly ridiculous 1million Scolville units – ie 400 times hotter than Tabasco!


Video: 3D Pancake ‘Panscape’ Recipes…


If you think the annual pancake toss is flipping boring, then Lyle’s Golden Syrup has come up with a new way to play on Pancake Day by creating a new series of edible three-dimensional ‘panscapes’ Leading experimental food experts Polly Betton and Andrew Stellitano have built a series of beautiful 3D landscapes that begin as humble pancakes and end-up as  desert islands, volcanoes, icebergs, rapids, and forests.  They sound bonkers but aren’t too difficult to recreate at home.  Check out the recipes by clicking on the below video link:

1343 Newsletter 15 February 2012