Diffordsguide Cocktails #9 App

Diffordsguide Cocktails Diffordsguide Cocktails #9 AppDrinks guru, Simon Difford, has recently released the 9th edition of his renowned cocktail guide.  Most significantly, this edition can also be purchased as an app for your iPhone or iPad.  This means access to the widest collection of recipes of any cocktail app, with 2,800 available at a touch of button, all illustrated with full colour photography.  It has clearly been well thought out, with great features such as the user being able to mark the drinks they actually have in their collection to see the cocktails you can make with your ingredients you have.  It also has a filter for different styles of cocktails, including Creamy, Blended, Hot, etc and a simple guide on the basic skills required to make quality cocktails.  £4.99 from www.diffordsguide.com/mobile-guides.jsp