King’s Ginger

Kings Ginger low res 300x300 King’s Ginger Originally formulated in 1903 by Berry Bros, England’s oldest wine and spirits merchants and still holder of a Royal warrants to supply the royal family, King’s Ginger is the most quintessential of British spirits.  The liqueur was actually created for King Edward VII as a drink to stimulate and revivify His Majesty as he took part in his many outdoor pursuits.  At 43%Abv, King’s Ginger is wonderfully rich, zesty and potent liqueur created by the careful maceration of ginger root enlivened by the judicious addition of lemon peel. Although warming and heartening on a cold day, it is also great in cocktails; mix equal parts with a fine Single Malt for a delicious alternative to a Rusty Nail or lengthen with bitter lemon and a squeeze of lime for a refreshing long drink.  Available for around £18 from Waitrose and online.