Kamm & Sons Ginseng Spirit

Kamm and Sons 163x300 Kamm & Sons Ginseng SpiritWith 18 years of working as a top mixoligist, brand ambassador and a drinks writer, there aren’t too many people who know more about the modern drinks industry than Alex Kammerling.  With this abundance of experience behind him, Alex has spent the last 5 years developing what can be best described as a true labour of love to launch his own drinks brand.  So what is Kamm & Sons? With 45 natural botanicals including four types of ginseng, grapefruit peel, echinacea, juniper, ginkgo biloba, goji berries and manuka honey, it’s a little difficult to define; the closest flavour match I can come up with is a Negroni cocktail.  Whatever it is, it’s seriously good, with bitter-sweet, herbal and citrus notes all perfectly combining.  At 33% abv, Kamm & Sons is easy drinking over ice, or can also be lengthened with bitter lemon for refreshing summer cooler. Around £17 from good drinks shops including www.thedrinkshop.com. More info @ www.kammandsons.com