Juiceology JuiceologyWe might be attempting a relatively healthy lifestyle in January but that doesn’t mean we have to resign ourselves to a diet of weird (and generally disgusting) health drinks.  Top mixologist Joe McCanta has developed a great tasting line-up of all natural juices perfectly suited to help remedy the effects of holiday over-indulges.  Available in 4 flavours, ‘Apple, Lime and Mint’, ‘Mandarin, Citrus and Cardamom’, ‘Lychee, Berry and Basil’, and ‘Coconut Water and White Guava’, all four Juiceology blends are fortified with milk thistle – a plant extract renowned for its healing remedies and repairing damage to the liver. For those not ready to give up drink, but looking for a little help along the way, the flavours are also designed to be mixed, shaken and stirred with a favoured spirit for a sophisticated cocktail.  Available for around £1.69 from Whole Foods, Harvey Nichols and online at www.tastejuiceology.com