Hoxton Gin

Hoxton Gin Image Hoxton GinGin was always something I associated with older people in my youth. The complex flavours were far too much for my tastebuds, which were far more attuned to the simple flavours of cheap vodka and beers.  Somewhat ominously, I’ve recently become a major fan of gin, perhaps because it helps me through the denial of getting older.  Anyway, somewhat confusingly, Hoxton Gin has been very created with young people in mind.  Created by top mixologist Gerry Calabrese, this unique gin takes a radical approach by making coconut and grapefruit the predominant flavours.  Traditionalists are unlikely to be impressed, but the über-cool Shoreditch crowd are already going all kinds of crazy over it.  Oh well, now where’s that pipe of mine…!  Available from specialist retailers and www.thedrinkshop.com for around £27. www.hoxtongin.com