Newsletter 13 April 2011

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News & Events…
1138 Newsletter 13 April 2011Free Cocktails from Maker’s Mark Vending Machine – 15 May in Shoreditch

Makers Mark has created the ultimate vending machine to hand out free cocktails to thirsty City folk.  Visitors to the machine will have the opportunity to try one of three cocktails, including Kentucky Champagne.  However, for those of you fear that this is the start of robotic bar tenders, fear not – the cocktails are actually made by real life mixologists standing inside the vending machine (which is potentially even more scary!).  Located at 91-93 Great Eastern Street. Full details at

‘Taste Art’ Exhibition @ The Mernier Chocolate Factory, SE1, 13-16 April

The Mernier Chocolate Factory is hosting a unique interactive exhibition with Freggo, the Argentine ice cream bar, to discover what Taste looks like. The exhibition will use visitors’ interpretation of what Freggo’s ice cream tastes like to create an artist’s impression of the flavour – guests can use one of the show’s iPads, deciding the level of creaminess, intensity, sweetness, richness and juiciness in the dish to create an original artwork. Following the exhibition, the interactive touchpad will move to Freggo’s ice cream bar in Swallow Street as a permanent feature.

New Openings…

Capote y Toros, SW5

1139 Newsletter 13 April 2011This latest venture from Abel Lusa’s much fêted Cambio de Tercio group combines authentic Spanish cuisine with one of the world’s most extensive sherry lists – 100 and counting.  From dry Finos and Manzanillas through to sweet Pedro Ximénez by way of forgotten treasures specially bottled for Capote y Toros, the list will be a revelation in sherry drinking. If that’s not enough, there are also a further 400 wines to choose from!  The intimate venue has the feel of a traditional neighbourhood joint in Spain, including seating arranged around the bar area. The menu includes everything from Iberico pork charcuterie to Andalucían-inspired tapas such as Gambas and Sardinas Marinadas, with pricing ranging from £4 to £7 per plate.

1141 Newsletter 13 April 2011The Little Greek Pie Company, W1

Following decades of being associated with grilled meats and taramasalata, The Little Greek Pie Company hopes to change our perceptions of Greek cuisine.  The pies are handmade daily to a traditional recipe using a pita style pastry and there is a daily changing selection of four fillings available, including Aubergine, beef & haloumi; Salmon, spinach & ricotta; and Zucchini, leaks & feta.  Priced at £3.50 per slice, they make a great value and nutritious lunch time option for those around Goodge Street.

Kateh, W9

Set in a picturesque residential setting by a canal in Warwick Avenue, Kateh has opened offering locals a taste of Persian hospitality in the heart of London.  The daily changing menu features authentic, great value Persian cuisine with strong French historical influences using the best of the day’s market produce. Dishes include Kashke Bademjan – grilled baby aubergines with dried mint, soured yoghurt, fried onions and walnuts; Koobideh – grilled minced Veal with saffron rice; and the Gallic inspired Danmarki – Persian mille-feuille with milk ice cream.  The wine list looks interesting too, with its selection of organic wines and varietals from smaller producers and appellations.

Try This Week…

Scandinavian Kitchen

1142 Newsletter 13 April 2011The trend of Scandinavian food is creating major ripples in the food scene at the moment, especially since Denmark based Noma won the current ‘World’s Best Restaurant’ accolade.  Furthermore, with their simple, healthy and natural approach to food, Scandinavian cuisine is something that we can all enjoy experimenting with. Based in central London, Scandinavian Kitchen has become renowned as the only place in the city to buy authentic Scandinavian food.  However, for those who can’t make it to the shop, they have also just launched their online store selling over 400 products, including 25 types of gourmet pickled herring, over 20 different crisp breads and UK’s finest range of Scandinavian cheese and charcuterie products.

RC Cola

1143 Newsletter 13 April 2011We’ve had the Pepsi Challenge and even Richard Branson has put his supreme branding skills to the test with Virgin Cola, yet still Coca Cola remains top of the fizzy pop charts.  The latest challenger to the crown of the company that turned Christmas red isn’t actually very new at all – RC Cola has actually been going in America since 1905 but has only now made it to our shores.  Apparently they were the first brand to create diet cola and also first to put soft drinks in cans.  In terms of taste, it’s a little more syrupy and flavoursome than Coca Cola, but whether that’s better or not is up to the individual.  Let the challenge begin!  Available in Diet and Regular flavours from ASDA.


Opera Tavern, WC2

1144 Newsletter 13 April 2011From the people who brought us the critically acclaimed Salt Yard and Dehesa restaurants comes Opera Tavern, their latest Mediterranean inspired culinary venture in Covent Garden. The name may be a remnant of the pub that occupied the space previously, but the relentless symphony of scintillating flavours that emerge from the kitchen suggest that it may indeed be apt for this Spanish triumph.  Like its siblings, the restaurant focuses on serving tapas style dishes inspired by the flavours of Spain and Italy. If you’re planning a restaurant visit this week, Opera Tavern has to be at the top of your list!

Pho, Various Locations

If I was going to put my money on London’s next big restaurant trend, it would have to be Vietnamese.   The scene has been bubbling away for a while, quietly taking over entire streets in East London and getting London’s sandwich connoisseurs into a bit of a lather with their Bahn Mi.  In fact the cuisine even has its very own chain of restaurants by the name of Pho popping up all over the city. The menu specialises in ‘Pho’, a delicious and nutritious noodle soup dish commonly eaten by the Vietnamese from breakfast through to dinner.  Healthy it may be, but Pho soups are also wonderfully aromatic, flavoursome and thoroughly filling.

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