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Tom and Rich quit their jobs, flew to the US, hired a VW camper and set off on a three month road trip. In Portland, Oregan they were taken to a Pizzeria which would change their lives forever. This particular Pizzeria, Dove Vivi, was notable for its cornmeal crust and so enamoured by this revelation the chaps saw an opportunity back in London. With the help of the pizzaiolos at Dovevivi Tom and Rich have since set up shop in Notting Hill.
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Unlike conventional flour dough these crusts lend themselves to an altogether different pizza experience. Due the the qualities of cornmeal and the double baking the bases can be shaped into a kind of casing not unlike a quiche or tart. A lip of a centimeter or so enables the boys at Otto to fill rather than top their pizzas. Instead of relying on the dough to do the talking as with more traditional pizzas here it is the fillings that rule, heavily laden and bold seems the be the Otto mantra. ‘House made fennel sausage, caramelised onion, marinated green pepper, tomato sauce and parmesan’ is their best seller. Diners can even order the ‘Taster’ with six different flavor combos on one 12″ crust. Currently the most wacky offering is a Cranberry sauce, mozzarella, sauteed kale and butternut squash bonanza. Shy they are not!

With the extra deep filled pizza pies at 12″ ┬ámost would be hard pushed to cram it all in; while they are most certainly not a light meal sharing is caring and this also means you get to sample more of the constantly changing seasonal specials. A small selection full bodied wines and US caft beers have been chose to partner Otto’s oozy pies. With little else on the menu save for a few choice salads and some puds Tom and Rich are keeping things simple and their eye firmly on the ball.

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Otto can be found just off Westbourne Grove, a well-to-do patch that lends itself to foot fall. The cornmeal crust is a novel extension of our beloved pizza pie and with such a new venture we will be keen to see how things pan out. Take away is available and the prices are reasonable so you’ve no excuse not to check it out.

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6 Chepstow Road, London, W2 5BH
Tel: 0207 792 4088

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