Melito, W1

Melito 300x234 Melito, W1Having taken inspiration from the ‘pizza al taglio’ (cut pizza) which is sold throughout Italy, Melito uses carefully sourced ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to offer simple, affordable and tasty pizza to eat in or take away.  Impressive attention to quality includes buffalo mozzarella from renowned Laverstoke Park and pizzas that are stone-baked to provide a delicious crisp base that you’d be happy to eat on its own.

When it comes to toppings, forget stuffed crusts, deep pans and the array of bonkers ingredients often found in so many pizza joints. Melito’s six pizza options thankfully remain on the safe side of the adventure scale, including classics like Spicy salami, Quattro formaggi sitting alongside an unexpectedly moreish Fennel & Parma ham.  All extremely delicious, it’s impressive that Melito can serve two healthy sized slices of pizza for just £3.50.  If pizza’s not your thing, Melito also serves a range of as pasta, salads and focaccia sandwiches as well as some delicious cakes to tempt the sweet toothed. 

Food: 4/5

Venue: 3/5

Value: 4/5

Cuisine type: Pizza

Meal for two (excluding drinks): £7 (£3.50 for two slices)

Drinks: soft drinks from the chiller.


12 Great Castle Street



Tel: 020 7636 6560
minilink Melito, W1