Asia de Cuba, WC2

Asia de Cuba 220x300 Asia de Cuba, WC2Those of you who follow Love Food Love Drink on twitter may have noticed a post during my meal at Asia de Cuba simply stating “Omg, they serve at Lobster Mash at Asia de Cuba. This is obscenely good”.  And that one dish probably sums up the entire experience.  Stylish, tastefully luxurious, stunningly executed, all with a sense of real purpose.

Housed in the über-trendy St. Martin’s Lane Hotel, Asia de Cuba has been setting the standard for London’s wannabe cool restaurants since 1999.  Seriously, this place knows how to make its guests feel special.  Housed in a dramatically colonnaded space, with a series of soaring Philippe Starck designed ‘art columns’, the experience starts as soon as you step into their famous Rum Bar.  The bar is home to one of the largest selection of “sipping” rums available in the UK, numbering over 150, as well as serving a selection of innovative cocktails.

The cuisine represents the marriage of Asian cuisine and technique infused with the tropical flavours of the Caribbean.  Under the expert guidance of Executive Chef Franz Schinagl, the sharing-style portions emerge from the kitchen as soon as they are ready, encouraging an informal dining experience ideal for groups.

Appetizers include the signature Calamari Salad – crispy calamari with hearts of palm, chayote, banana, cashew nuts, roquette and curly endive served with sesame orange dressing; as well as some of the best Beef Spring Rolls this side of Shanghai. Highlights of the mains are the delicious ‘Whole Sea Bass Baked in a Banana Leaf’ with choi sum, shiitake mushroom and black bean chili sauce; Palomillo of Marinated Lamb, and the Honey-Rum Glazed Pot Roast of Pork, with sautéed Shanghai bok choy, fried plantains and enoki mushrooms.  Every single morsel is perfectly cooked and provides a carnival of flavours in your mouth. Finish off with a Cuban coffee brownie or an Asian pear bread pudding and I guarantee you will leave with the sweetest taste in your mouth.

Food: 4.5/5

Venue: 3/5

Value: 3/5

Cuisine: Asian with a Caribbean twist

Dinner for two (excluding drinks): £90

Wine: £8

Cocktails: £12

Asia de Cuba

St Martin’s Lane Hotel

45 St. Martin’s Lane



Tel: 020 7300 5588
minilink Asia de Cuba, WC2