Lonsdale Bar & Kitchen, W11

lonsdale bar Lonsdale Bar & Kitchen, W11I believe there’s a line in Cocktail where someone says of Tom Cruise’s character:

“Guys want to be him and the girls want to be with him”.  Head on down to The Lonsdale and it’s about as close as one is ever likely to get to the ‘Cocktail’ movie experience in London. 


The bar team are just about the slickest in town, but with serious talent to back up the smooth talking.  Whether you’re after a challenging classic like a Sazerac or want to experiment with one of their unique creations, the cocktails are absolute liquid alchemy – and we had about 10 of them to make sure the first 9 weren’t just flukes!   Priced at around £7.50, they are also plenty affordable, especially when you see the effort and the abundance of fresh ingredients used.


The food has a lot to live up to after the drinks, but Chef Jason Wallis does an admirable job.  Jason’s past experience include The Hawksmoor and The Palm, both temples to meat lovers, so it’s no surprise to see an American style menu heavily dominated by steaks and grills.  Starters include Scallops & chorizo with butternut squash purée and Chicken liver parfait.  The real fun and value is to be had with the steaks though.  With all beef coming from highly regarded butcher, Allens of Mayfair, quality is excellent and it’s all cooked well too.  Moreover, priced at £21.50 for a 350 gram Rib-eye, including a side and a sauce, it really puts many of London’s other steakhouses to shame.  Desserts are a bit of a side-show, but the sweet toothed can expect a Banoffee pie or a delicious Chocolate fondue with fresh fruit & marshmallows.


The venue stands up to the food and drink offering too.  Dark woods, polished steel, red leather banquettes and dazzling lighting all merge to give the venue a laid-back party vibe. Walk in you’ll be in no doubt that this place is all about good-times.  The bar and restaurant are both on the same floor, so the upbeat atmosphere slowly infects the entire venue as the night progresses and the DJ gets going.  Those who don’t want to share the fun can also hire the private upstairs room.


An absolute must visit!


Food: 3.5/5

Cocktails: 5/5

Value: 3/5

Venue: 4/5


Cuisine type: American Steakhouse

Dinner for two (excluding drinks): £70

Cocktails: £7.50

Beers: £3.50


The Lonsdale Bar & Restaurant

44-48 Lonsdale Road

Westbourne Grove

W11 2DE

Tel: 020 7727 4080