Satay House, W2

satay house Satay House, W2The cosmopolitan convergence of Edgeware road and Paddington is a fitting site for the 37 year old Satay House. Malaysia itself is at a cultural crossroads where influences come in from all directions and result in a diverse culinary culture. Visitors to Satay House will discover many of the fresh, bold and vibrant dishes that are a commonplace in down town Kaula Lumpur.

An unassuming town house frontage leads into a buzzy, simply decorated ground floor dining room and then downstairs to a clean modern basement.  Both get busy most nights so booking is advised. No wall decorations clutter the space except for the inset Hibiscus flower motif, Malaysia’s national flower.

As the name suggests satay skewers are a popular starter and the six skewers – either chicken, lamb or both – come with peanut sauce that is deep, spicy and crunchy. Rice & noodle dishes, nasi and mee respectively, are key components in Malay dining and come in variety of equally appealing meat and fish combinations. Mee Sup is a vast and healthy chicken broth with noodles, squid, tofu and excellent value at £6.60.

Meat lovers should look to the Rendang Daging, a beef dish that is one of the more well known Malaysian recipes. Rich in coconut, lemongrass and kaffir it is delightfully sweet and sour, at once comforting and fiery. Seafood dishes often come smothered in hot sambal chillies and ground shrimp paste that adds a unique savoury tang.


Among the short list of sugary desserts are the popular banana fritters and a more intriguing Ais Kacang – a street hawkers special which, when approached with an open mind, is the most stunning combination of crushed ice, grass jelly, sweet corn and palm sugar. To finish up, look out for the Indian inspired evaporated milk sweetened chai.


With its charming service, authentic boldness of flavour and a refreshing lack of pretension, Satay House is well worth a visit.

Food: 4/5

Venue: 3/5

Value: 4/5

Cuisine type: Malaysian

Meal for two (excluding drinks): £60

Wine: £4


Satay House

13 Sale Place

London W2 1PX

Tel: 020 7723 6763



Charlie Nelson