The Kitchen, SW6

the kitchen The Kitchen, SW6Cooking courses are big business, and big money. L’ Ateliers des Chefs, Le Cordon Blue, Leiths. Every amateur cook can cough up loads of dosh to feel like a contestant on Masterchef. The Kitchen, at first glance, looks like an ultra-cheap cooking school. There’s a reason for that - you don’t do any cooking.


That’s not to take anything away from this quaint eatery in the affulent Parsons Green. It’s just that Michelin star chef Theirry Lombarde’s vision is a little different. The French chef hates ready meals (he even gave me a stern glare when I suggested that he must have had a cheeky pot noodle at some point!). He wants folk to get away from microwave dinners and eat wholesome food with quality ingredients.


So how does the Kitchen work? Prior to going in (a couple of days notice is needed) you decide what to, ‘prepare’. When you turn up on the day ingredients are laid in front of you, measured, prepared and ready to put together. So whether it’s samosas or Tiramisu, you’re ready to go. You follow the instructions, put the dish together and it’s packed ready to cook and eat at home. If you get stuck, Theirry’s there to give you a hand.


OK, so I would have liked to have sat down in the restaurant and enjoyed my meals with a bottle of wine after preparing them, but The Kitchen is really a place to prepare your meals for the week whilst picking up a tip or two about preparing grub, and with meals starting from £4, it’s pretty good value. Although it might not be challenging enough for the more experienced cooks out there, it’s good fun, an ideal place for a first date and somewhere to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.


And the food? It was clean tasting and the ingredients very good, but I have a feeling it would have tasted much better if Theirry had cooked it.  But all in all, a damn sight better than a pot noodle.


Food 3/5          

Venue 3/5        

Value 4/5


The Kitchen

Parsons Green

275 New Kings Road

London, SW6 4RD

0207 736 8067


Dan Lloyd