Mooli’s, W1

moolis pork Moolis, W1So it’s early December and London is well into the swing of the festive season.  For Greedy Glancy and I, an evening full of Christmas parties await.  Not wanting to peak too early we decide to have a pre-party snack and thus began the hunt through Soho for the mysterious ‘mooli’.  “The what?” I hear you (and Mr Glancy) say.


The mooli, my friends, is that simplest of ideas that makes you wonder why no one has done it before, especially when you consider the breadth of choice we have when it comes to ethnic restaurants.  Mooli’s are freshly made rotis filled with warm flavoursome fillings, zesty salsas, vibrant chutneys & crunchy salads.  


The wholesome fillings have been created by former Benares Chef, Raju Rawat, so quality is unquestionable.  Dry roasted spices and carefully sourced ingredients combine to create a variety of flavours to suit all palettes, including fiery Goan Pork, delicate Chicken & Apple and full flavoured Asparagus with Cumin Potatoes. It’s all healthy too, with not a trace of mayo or other fatty condiments in sight.  To top it all off, value is every bit as impressive as the food itself.  A standard mooli costs upto £4, but our recommendation is to spend around £5 on two mini moolis so that you can try a couple of flavours.


The small restaurant is geared towards takeaways, although there’s enough seating for around 20 ‘moolites’.  It’s also licensed, so you can grab a couple of beers or a cheeky cocktail should the mood strike. 


Food: 4/5

Venue: 3/5

Value: 5/5

Cuisine type: Indian

Dinner for 2 (excluding drinks): £10

Beers: £3.20



50 Frith Street



Tel: 0207 494 9075



minilink Moolis, W1