The Brickhouse, E1

brickhouse The Brickhouse, E1As a nation of food obsessives, sometimes it’s easy to forget that dining out is as much about the social experience as it is about the food we eat.  Great company and a great atmosphere are as important for a memorable night as the meal itself.  With Friday night beckoning and a fun night out required for a long-overdue double date, The Brickhouse seemed to have the ingredients for a top night out.


Set over three storeys, the venue is styled like a 1930′s speakeasy but with a slick, modern decor; allowing customers to eat, drink and dance under one roof. The most interesting part though is the nightly live entertainment, which can be anything from a singer, to a cabaret or burlesque act, to an ariel artiste dancing on the ceiling.  If regular tables and chairs aren’t to your taste, they’ve even got beds on the top level, where diners can recline, feast and watch the show! 


On the night of our visit, we were treated to a particularly good variety show, featuring an aerial act and live cabaret.  The venue do charge an extra £10/person to the meal to pay for the entertainment, but considering the effort put into the hour long show, it’s not something you could begrudge. 


Unfortunately, not the same could be said about the food.  The Brickhouse only offers a choice of veg and non-veg set menus, costing £25/head for 5 courses, which sounds pretty reasonable.  Things got off to a good start too, with some hearty Mushroom soup and a delicious dish of Salmon with confit potato, cress & white wine sauce.  However, the main was a bit of a washout; soggy pork belly sat on a bed of bok choi with an overwhelmingly sharp caper & parsley vinaigrette dressing.  Dessert of Chocolate & cherry baked cream was a pretty unforgettable affair too, although the final cheese course at least served to fill up our hungry bellies.  Fortunately, there were plenty of reasonably priced wines, including a great Gavi for around £22/bottle. 


It’s a shame, because the venue has great potential and the pricing is attractive enough to make it a superb night out.  However, it is possible to visit The Brickhouse just for the drinks in the bar and the show, so it’s still worth popping round. 


Food: 2/5

Venue: 3/5

Value: 3/5


Cuisine type: Modern European

Dinner for two (excluding drinks): £25/head for 5 courses + around £10/head for entertainment charge

Wine: £4

Cocktails: £8


The Brickhouse

152c Brick Lane


 E1 6RU

Tel: 020 7247 0005