the parlour bar, E14

theparlour the parlour bar, E14Our food consumption habits are generally seen as one of the key indicators of the country’s economic state of affairs.  Our recent period of prosperity has pretty much been typified by an abundance of foam, swirly sauces and ‘pick a number and double it’ prices.  More recently, however, there seems to be a trend towards sensibly priced, proper food.  Nowhere is this more evident than in Canary Wharf.  With the raft of good value restaurants opening around the financial hub, it appears that our bankers have finally lost their appetite for the blingin’ venues of yesteryear.


Latest amongst this sensible group of restaurants is ‘the parlour bar’.  Located in the newly developed Park Pavilion in Canary Wharf, the parlour is a new super-sized bar and restaurant with room for 650 guests (including 300 in their restaurant). 


The bustling open kitchen is open from breakfast through till dinner and provides an innovative and internationally inspired choice of food options.  Whether it’s a quick burger or sandwich, a hearty dinner or one of their many sharing style plates to enjoy with a few cocktails, the parlour seems to have it covered.  This choice even extends to their wine list, with over 30 well priced and quality wines available by the glass.


Our delicious starters were a warm Flatbread topped with crispy Peking duck, plum sauce, cucumber & spring onion and some gambas prawns with chilli, garlic & lime, appetizingly served in a skillet.  For mains, Mr Cooper devoured his Crispy pancetta wrapped chicken breast stuffed with mascarpone & wild mushrooms before I got a sniff.  Equally good was my Sausages & mash.  The thick gravy was full of beautifully caramelised onions, light but not too rich mash, and outstanding sausages which came from the renowned Allens of Mayfair butcher.  Truffle oil fries with parmesan shavings were also an interesting and entirely successful side addition to our meal.  Only desserts were a little hit and miss, with a wonderful berry filled Knickerbocker Glory contrasting with a Chocolate brownie which was far too sweet and not nearly chocolately enough.


So all good so far, but the biggest surprise was the pricing.  At around £5.50 for starters and under £9 for mains, I can think of few places that provide such a high standard of food for such great value. 


Food: 4/5

Venue: 4/5

Value: 5/5


Cuisine type: International

Dinner for two (excluding drinks): £40

Wine: £4

Cocktails: £6


the parlour bar

The Park Pavilion

40 Canada Square Park

London E14 5FW

Tel: 0845 468 0100