Boisdale, EC2

boisdale1 Boisdale, EC2Despite being the size of a postage stamp, The City appears to have more crammed into its mere square mile than anywhere in London.  Moreover, with so many restaurants, bars and coffee shops to choose from, it’s generally a case of “if I can’t trip over and land at my destination, it’s too far” for The City’s army of office workers.  So it came as a major surprise when we found one of London’s best kept secrets, Boisdale, quietly tucked away directly opposite Liverpool Street station!  Even more impressive is that it’s been serving those in the know for the best part of 8 years!


Kind of like something from a C.S Lewis book, you take a walk down a long, quiet ally (just off Bishopsgate), walk through an inconspicuous door that is the entrance to Boisdale, and you find yourself in one of those rare restaurants that transports you a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of London.  The venue has been created to provide Londoners with a traditional dose of Scottish hospitality.  Featuring a ground floor bar and basement floor restaurant, the venue is subtly adorned in reds, greens and tartan print and is full of charming old-school furniture.   No doubt the immense range of whiskies on offer also helps to get guests in the highland spirit!


The menu is probably best described as serious ‘man food’, with a host of hearty Scottish dishes and simple grilled meats using Scottish ingredients. Starters included an obligatory dish of Roast Macsween haggis with mash & neeps and Devilled lamb’s kidneys, Portobello mushrooms & fried duck egg on toasted Brioche; the hearty kidneys were perfectly devilled to give a lovely warming feeling, which, when combined with the rich duck egg and sweet Brioche make this one of London’s must try dishes. Mains were a beautifully cooked Roast grouse and a totally delicious 14oz rib of beef on the bone.  Accompanied by Onions rings and Sautéed mushrooms, this was serious food heaven!  Desserts included a rich Bitter chocolate & blueberry parfait with honeycomb & milk ice cream and a well balanced Treacle & roasted oat tart.


There was no two ways about it – we absolutely loved Boisdale.  Big on character, big on quality and with reasonable prices for proper portions, this is one of those places that you can get dangerously used to.


Food: 4/5

Venue: 4/5

Value: 3.5/5


Cuisine type: Scottish/British

Meal for two (excluding drinks): £75 (they also have good £19/head and £12.50/head set menus)

Wine: £5


Boisdale of Bishopsgate

Swedeland Court

202 Bishopsgate


Tel: 020 7283 1763 minilink Boisdale, EC2