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pussersbottle Win an exclusive Pusser’s Rum Decanter!In just seven days time glasses will be raised on HM ships all over the world, and in messes on shore, to the memory of Lord Nelson who died during the Battle of Trafalgar on October 21, 1805. In Portsmouth, the Senior Rates Mess on Lord Nelson’s historic ship HMS Victory will drink a tot of ‘Nelson’s Blood’ – traditional Pusser’s Navy Rum – to record the man and the battle which changed the course of history.

Mike Fogg, Pusser’s rum brand historian, says Nelson’s Blood refers to the legend that Nelson’s body was brought home in a rum cask. “During the voyage, sailors tapped the barrel and drank the rum. They had literally drunk Nelson’s blood,” says Fogg.


A decanter of Pusser’s Rum commemorating Trafalgar Day

pussers logo Win an exclusive Pusser’s Rum Decanter!The rum get its name from the ship’s purser, or Supply Officer, called, in navy lingo, the ‘Pusser’. Bottled at 54.5% ABV, Pusser’s is the only rum still made to the Royal Navy recipe which blends pot-stilled Caribbean rums.


You can get acquainted with Pusser’s Rum over a free glass of grog at at Rumfest from October 24-25, at the Lawrence Hall, Greycoat Street, London SW1P 2QD.


Pusser’s is offering an exclusive Trafalgar decanter full of rum and a bottle of the original navy rum in a great competition to two lucky winners.


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